Engineered Warfighter
Born for War, Geared for Battle
12:57 itstactical:

Dear United States Army, Happy Birthday.
“Two hundred thirty-eight years ago, our nation’s leaders established the Continental Army, beginning a rich heritage of successfully defending this great country and her citizens.”
06:51 anchordivision:

Perfect for EDC of AR Operators. Get itttttt
Multitasker Tool Series 3 — Engineered Warfighter
06:50 s0w1:

10-8 Performance by Triple Bravo on Flickr.
06:40 s0w1:

STCK5528-A-1200-Sticl by stickgunner on Flickr.
06:40 s0w1:

Griffon Multi-cam Kydex by Triple Bravo on Flickr.
09:20 s0w1:

The Flip Side by Triple Bravo on Flickr.
07:31 itstactical:

USAF Combat Controller
07:30 coldwindandiron:

07:28 s0w1:

BABC by Triple Bravo on Flickr.
06:29 Glock 17 (by stickgunner)
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Centurion Arms CMR by stickgunner on Flickr.